Luxury holiday homes

Profound structural changes transformed this holiday apartment into a modern luxury home. A new interior staircase now provides access to the existing gallery, that previously could only be reached by a ladder in the hallway. We integrated a Home SPA with Finnish sauna, bio-sauna, whirlpool, shower, and washing area, and added an enlarged guest bathroom and a separate toilet. We used only high-quality materials and stylish details. For the floors and steps, we used old wooden beams that give the whole apartment a warm feel. We redesigned the entire lighting concept.

Specially designed furniture fixtures fill niches to structure the room and organize the inventory. We custom-designed a new sofa for the corner of the living room. We used natural stone for the bathrooms and made joints run continuously over walls and floor. The fittings are custom-made products whose shape and size have been adapted precisely to the area of use.